FAQs - Friv®

What’s this thing called Friv?

Friv is a great place online games. Simply type www.friv.com into your browser address bar and get playing!

When did Friv begin?

The Friv games project began in late 2006 and we’ve been providing great online games ever since.

What does Friv mean?

Friv means the games site at friv.com ...if someone says ‘I’m going on Friv’ then they are going on friv.com just as someone saying ‘I’m going on YouTube’ means they are watching videos on youtube.com etc.

How does Friv offer games for free?

The games on Friv are ad supported, but we show VERY few ads, and we’ll never interrupt your gaming with ads or make you sit through a video. That would be rude.

How does Friv work?

Simply, you just visit the friv.com on your computer, phone or tablet and the main menu will appear. You click on the game you want and start playing. The games all use HTML5 technology, so you don’t need to install anything extra for them to work.

What are the most popular games on Friv?

The most popular game franchises are Fireboy and Watergirl, Moto X3M and Death Chase. There are also some exclusive games such as Crazy Candy Creator, Incredible Ice Cream Inventor, and Smiling Glass Pro Pourer which are firm favourites.

What language does Friv use?

The games on Friv are in English, while few of the games may offer alternative languages. As the games are ‘packages’ of HTML5 it is generally not possible for Google or other online services to translate the games.

How popular is Friv?

The friv.com website receives over 10 million visitors a month.

Where in the world is Friv most popular?

Friv is popular around the world, but it is actually most popular in Latin America – users in Brazil, Argentina and Colombia are big fans of the site.

Are there any secrets about Friv?

There are actually quite a lot of ‘Easter Eggs’ to be found on friv.com but perhaps the best is… If you visit friv.com and click on the Friv logo 10 times, you get extra games!

Why are there fake Friv sites?

Just as there are fake Nike shoes and fake Chanel perfume, there are also fake Friv games sites. Always look for the ® and visit the dodgy sites at your peril!

What is friv4school?

Friv4School.com is a special version of Friv for schools ...although anyone can use it, wherever they are. Friv4School has a different mix of games that are suitable for all games, and with no ads whatever it's a really great place to play.

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